Budget Watch - Controlling & Budget Software

Budgeting and expenditure of your company and budget execution monitoring is easier than ever using the Budget Watch.

“After the implementation of the application, I managed to have a real-time image of the budget achievement degree. By implementing this solution we see that the efficiency has improved compared to the table calculation application by at least 50%” declared Laurentiu Bogdan, IT Manager - Servier Pharma.


  • Monitoring of budget execution at any time, by emphasizing Forecast vs. Actual;
  • Planning / budget revision department / your company whenever necessary;
  • Invoice split several cost elements to allocate amounts in one or more departments from within the company, according to the specific question the expenditure;
  • Accounting vs Business more transparency, in terms of distribution of amounts budgeted and spent, so each department and each category of account;
  • Document management within the department / company in a uniform manner;
  • Functionality in several scenarios, according to the type of authorizing budget (one or several subordinate departments);
  • Increased efficiency in the internal hierarchy, through the set of reports generated by the application;


Cost element: the small elements that we want to put in budget.
Budget is divided into cost elements, each of them is located on the 3 axes available in the application: BUSINESS AXIS , FINANCIAL AXIS and Department.
AXIS Business in turn is divided into three levels.
AXIS FINANCIAL positioning element is cost in terms of Accounting. This allows the comparison of values between LINE BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL, anytime.
Breakdown by department is useful if you manage part of the budget of another department, usually for cases support departments (more details in our scenario).

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